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Thames Park Information Evening update

Information Evening - Monday 26th February 2018 Thames Park Free School The ESFA and Local Authority continue to make progress with identifying a site for the new Thames Park Free School. Unfortunately, due to the admissions timescale for September 2018 Year 7 places and the time it is taking for the ESFA to secure the land, we are unable to open as a new Free School in September 2018. The opening date has now been revised to September 2019 and will therefore be of significant interest to our Year 5 parents. We will continue to work with the ESFA and Local Authority to secure the land over the coming weeks. Year 7 school places for September 2018 The Trust has been approached by the Local Authority and have been asked to consider taking in additional Year 7 pupils at St Clere’s School in September 2018. The Trustees and Chair of Governors of St Clere’s School are happy to agree to this and are delighted to be able to extend the high quality education offer which is already in place at St Clere’s school. This means that there will now be an additional 120 year 7 places available at St Clere’s Secondary School for September 2018. St Clere’s is equipped and able to meet this demand as they have been proactive in setting up a structure in readiness to support proposed new Free School. Improvements to St Clere's Secondary School's facilities for 2018 In order to be able to accommodate the additional places, the facilities at St Clere’s will be extended by having a new classroom block, hall, kitchen and playground improvements. The first phase will be completed for September 2018. What does this mean for my child? If you have put St Clere’s as a first option it is highly likely that you will be given a place at the school. It is unlikely you will be offered a place at St Clere’s if you have put the school as a second or third option. National Offer day is this Thursday 1st March. If, when you receive your child’s offer of a place, you are not happy with the school that is allocated, we are more than happy to discuss a further option with you, which is our sister school, Brentwood County High School which joined our Trust in September 2017 and has Mrs Ashlie Hughes as Executive Head at the school. All the good practices at St Clere’s school, staffing and resources are shared between schools. There is transport already in existence taking children from Thurrock to Brentwood. If you would like to discuss this option, please phone us on 01375 648954, alternatively you can email us at