Consultation FAQs

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Below are questions that were raised as part of the consultation process. We value the feedback as we enter the final stages of planning the opening of Thames Park Secondary school.

Would there be an opportunity for private music and sports lessons for the pupils?

There will be a range of after school sports activities on offer as well as the opportunity for peripatetic music lessons as offered in our other secondary schools.

Where would we drop the children off and pick them up?

The entrance to the school site for the students will be through the rear of the building. New security fencing is being installed at the rear to enclose a playground area. The easiest area to drop off will be the rear of the site along Argent street. 

How will you keep the children safe when they are arriving and leaving school as it is in the middle of Grays Town Centre?

Safeguarding our students is paramount to us. We will have staff on duty in key locations at the start and the end of the day to ensure the safety of our students as they arrive and leave the school site. 

What are the start and finish times?

The school would open at 8am for clubs and 8.30am for registration. It would finish at 3pm. Clubs would take place for one hour after school. 

How will the children be safeguarded when moving between buildings?

The science and food technology facilities are the ones that will be used in the main college building. The area where these are located does not have any college student use on a Friday. The timetable for Thames Park Secondary school will schedule these lessons for the Friday when the college students are not in the building.

Will it be a two week October half term?

The half term holiday will be the same as St Clere's Secondary school. 

Why isn’t the school listed on Thurrock admissions?

Thames Park Secondary school is now listed in the Thurrock online secondary admissions document. As a new school planned to Open in September 2020, Thames Park has its own separate admissions process. This is to give parents/carers an assurance from the local authority that every student will definitely have a secondary school place for September 2020. Parents are therefore able to hold two offers, one for Thames Park and one through the Thurrock admissions process. Once the school is open in September and a funding agreement is in place it will be part of the Thurrock admissions arrangements for future years.

Which teachers will be there?

A Head of school will be appointed from Easter. There will be 5 full time teachers for the first year focused on the core subjects. There will be a number of specialist teachers who will visit the school site from St Clere's or Brentwood County High School. Both schools have been building capacity over the past year to support Thames Park in subjects such as Art, Technology, Music etc. As the school grows in numbers with subsequent years joining, the full time body of staff at the school will grow. Being able to use specialist staff expertise from our other Trust schools is a real strength for Thames Park. 

Can we see the building again when it’s more set up for lessons?

We will hold further events in the future as the site develops to ensure that as parents/carers you are able to see the works we have done and are reassured about the high quality facilities we offer.

If we don’t get in, is BCHS an option and where does the bus run?

Brentwood County High School (BCHS) is an option and there is a bus service currently running. It starts from St Clere's golf course and has pick up points for East Tilbury, Grays and Orsett. The route the bus takes is designed based on where students live and so varies from year to year based on need. 

Will I get confirmation of my application so I know it’s been received?

We will confirm applications and will keep in contact with applicants with regular updates on the re modelling and developments of Thames Park.

When will I hear about a place and what do I do about the Thurrock application?

To ensure that the process is open and transparent we will be working closely with Thurrock council in processing applications. The national offer day is March 2nd this year. 

What are the chances of children staying in temporary accommodation longer than a year?

The temporary accommodation is planned for two years whilst the new school is built.