Your Journey Starts Here

Dear Year 6,

We know that you have had an unusual year and that the end of your time at primary school has not looked as any of us would have expected it to.  Despite the difficulties that we have all been facing in recent months, we are keen to support your transition from primary school to Thames Park Secondary School.  We have therefore created a range of activities that we hope will make the transition from primary school to Thames Park as painless, engaging and fun as possible.

We have deliberately designed the activities to allow us to get to know you better.  We want to create learning experiences that will engage you and challenge you but that you will also enjoy.

Some of the answers you give will help shape what we can offer you at Thames Park so the more you complete these activities the bigger impact you will have on the things we do in your first year at Thames Park Secondary School.

We will be publishing a new content below regularly, so please make sure that you keep coming back.  Students who complete all activities will be rewarded in September!

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