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Posted on: 22/04/2022

Year 8 Aqua visited the Science Museum

On Friday 22nd of April, Year 8 Aqua visited the Science Museum.  

I enjoyed the trip because we got to walk around and look at the items such as cars, airplanes, lights, and medical equipment. There were lots of interactive items such as creating energy, deconstructing a cd, and breaking codes to open doors, windows e.g., and I learnt a lot. My favorite section was the aircraft section, including the World Wars section, there were real WW2 planes and we got to stand in the cockpit. 

 I saw Stephen Hawkings chair and Simpsons varsity jacket and the real Apolo aircraft deconstructed. As we got to walk around in our own chose, we got to spend more time at our favorite places and less at our least. We got to walk to Hyde Park and eat our lunch there. It was overly exciting and I would like to do something like that again, such as the Natural History Museum. 


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