Thurrock Trailblazers

Thames Park Seconday School will be working with Thurrock Trailblazer this year to undertake a number of arts and cultural projects and to improve cultural provision for the students at our school. Thurrock Trailblazer is an innovative programme of high-quality arts and cultural activities designed by the Royal Opera House to boost creative learning in schools and accelerate pupils’ development. We are very excited to be working with Thurrock Trailblazer this year e coding and designing video games as a method of maintaining positive well-being and are pleased to inform you of some of the activities that will be taking place this year.

In March a selection of pupils took part in a workshop called Well-Being Video Games with Signals Studio Colchester. This workshop will allow students to explore the relationship between gaming and mental health.

Other projects that the school will be engaging in include an African Drumming workshop and a Graffiti workshop that will be run later in the school year.  We are also pleased to be engaging in a range of collaborative projects which will involve many schools within the Osborne Cooperative Academy Trust. Primary and secondary schools will be working together to build rockets with Steam Co. Art of Rockets and engage in a mass participation singing and performance workshop called Everybody Sing!