Remote Learning

Remote Learning

As we are now moving into a more prolonged period of remote learning, we are planning some minor amendments to the school day. These will enable your child to find a balance between live lessons with teachers (and therefore screen time) via TEAMS and a chance to have a break or consolidate and reflect in between.

The day will start with a form period, to ensure that tutors have a chance to check on everyone and set up the day. Lessons will consist of 50 minutes of remote live teaching time via TEAMS, followed by a break between each lesson which will allow your child to review and consolidate their notes from the lesson, and to take some screen downtime and stretch their legs. At the end of the day, we will have prep time as usual. The school day will finish at 15.10.

Expectations for Remote Learning

In addition to the usual expectations of being prompt and prepared for lessons, we feel it is more important than ever that your child experiences lessons which resemble as closely as possible the classroom experience. To help your child participate and engage more fully, we would like them to use both the camera and microphone function in TEAMS. This will enable them to see their teacher and their classmates and make it easier to participate and contribute.

Support for Remote Learning

Should your child experience any issues in accessing their lessons via TEAMS, their Form Teacher should be their first port of call for support. In addition, the IT team are available on via email:

Mr Akande, Assistant Head Teacher, is available to answer questions you or your child might have about remote learning.

Expectations of Pupil Behaviour in Remote Lessons

Form time this week will be given over to providing support on how to access remote live lessons in TEAMS, as well as to answer any questions your child might have. The following are the key expectations we have for pupils in remote lessons:

  1. Cameras should be on with background blurred/altered
  2. Pupils should always engage in the lesson and use of the typed chat/raise hand function, as well as the microphone, are encouraged
  3. Pupils should be on time for all lessons with appropriate lesson materials
  4. Uniform is not needed, but pupils should be appropriately dressed (ie no pyjamas or dressing gowns)
  5. Assignments should be submitted on time via TEAMS
  6. If submitting handwritten work, this must be submitted using a scanner function and not as a photo

Over the course of the coming week, your child will also receive further reminders and guidance from their Form Teachers and in Assemblies.

Pastoral Support

Your child will have an opportunity every morning to check in with their tutor and meet with their form group. This will allow them to hear key messages for the day and to prepare for lessons, as well as see their friends.

Tutors will continue to support your child’s pastoral and academic welfare, along with the oastoral team. Your child will have a key contact from the pastoral team and they will check on their wellbeing each week, either individually or as part of a small group.

Should you have any concerns about your child’s welfare, please do not hesitate to contact their Form Teacher.

Academic Support

We understand that some pupils may find remote learning difficult, and they can raise any concerns with their teachers. In addition, we will also be closely monitoring your child’s academic progress in order to provide targeted support if and when it is needed, as well as providing a timetable of routine drop-in academic support sessions to help clear up any queries that have arisen during lessons in the week.

Curriculum Overview

Due to the longer period of remote learning, Heads of Department are adapting schemes of work to ensure that these are appropriate for the context.

Enrichment Programme

For this period of lockdown, we will be adapting the Enrichment Programme which was already in place for this term and where possible clubs and enrichment activities will continue online.

Remote Provision

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