Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to see our new entrants guide to Thames Park School for new students.

1. Does the school use a homework app?

We use many different online platforms for homework in different subjects.  Homework assignments are always posted on teams so that student know what needs to be completed and by when.

2. Does the school use an app like MyEd for parents, students and teachers?

The school uses MyChildAtSchool (MCAS). Full details will be sent out in the autumn term.

3. What does a typical day look like including start and finish times?

Currently, the children can arrive from 8am onwards. If students wish they can then purchase breakfast from the school canteen. Students meet in the playground at 8.15am where they are lined up in their forms. 8.20am to 8.30am is form time. Break time is 10.10am to 10.30am. Lunch is 12.10pm to 1.10pm. Home time is 3.10pm but there are many clubs that take place after school which finish at 4pm.

4. What happens if a child is late?

Students arriving after 8.15am are late. If a child is late more than twice in a week, then they are set a detention to be served on the Friday of that week. If a child arrives later than 8.30am they go through the main reception area.

5. How will you support students who are attending by themselves, not with anyone from their primary schools?

We will look carefully at which primary schools they are coming from and create an even spread across the four forms. Where students are coming by themselves, we will endeavour to include them in the same classes. Year 7 students will also have a chance to have a buddy in Year 8. All students are encouraged to attend clubs after school to make new friends. Oasis club takes place at lunch times in Student Services which gives students an opportunity to socialise, play games and make friends.

6. Will they get a video message or a Teams meeting with their new teachers before they start in September?

We have many new staff joining us in September and the staffing timetables are currently being created. We will request the new staff joining us to create videos which will be shared with you via our Transition Page on the website headed Welcome page.

7. How do we drop off and collect the children?

Children who travel by car are usually dropped off by Carters dessert restaurant in the layby out front or in the argent street car park. by the White Hart Pub. Some students arrive from Grays station and walk by foot. Parents are not permitted to enter the playground.

8. How do we know what colour tie to buy?

There will be a special assembly on the first day at school in September. This is when your son/daughter will receive their tie. You will be required to make the £5.99 payment for their tie via your child’s Parent Pay account.

9. Can the children take off their blazers in the hot weather?

 In the hot weather, the Headteacher will inform the children that they can move around the school without their blazers. To avoid losing them or mixing them up with other students, please ensure that their blazers (and all items of uniform) are clearly labelled. Lockers can be used to store PE kits and outside coats.

10. How will I know what colour sports outfit to buy?

Students will be informed about what house they are in before the summer holidays so that they can purchase the correct PE kit.

11. What colour trainers do they wear for PE?

Any colour trainers are acceptable for school PE lessons.

12. Do we have to buy a logo uniform or can we buy supermarket?

 All items of uniform are produced with a school logo with a few exceptions. These are the white shirts for all students and the black PE shorts, black slim fit tracksuit bottoms and black school jumpers. All items are available, including those mentioned above, from our uniform supplier and a link can be found on our main website.

13. How can we help an anxious child, now the transition is cancelled?

On Monday 5th July we are releasing lessons, video and activities for students to participate in. Along with this, we have created a tour of the school for students to gain an insight into what the school building looks like. If students wish to have a zoom meeting with the Pastoral Co[1]ordinator, please email to make your request known.

14. Are students allowed to bring phones to school?

 Students are allowed phones in school but they must be turned off throughout the day and must not be used whilst on premises. If a child is seen with their phone out, it will be confiscated for the day and taken to the front office. Students will be set a sanction for breaking the school rule. The school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to phones.

15. Who is the best person to contact if my child has any problems whilst in school?

The Pastoral Team look after the welfare of students. They can be found in Student Services every day. If you wish to discuss an issue you can contact Mrs Chitty or Mrs Bridge. Another staff member is your child’s form tutor who they will see every day for form.